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How to make the best out of your photo session

Ladies, let's face it! We love having photos taken of us and we want to look good...really good, in fact better than we ever looked in real life! Yet, when we're actually being photographed, we are our own worst critic. We will spot faults that no one will ever think of noticing..."Oh I look so fat here", "look at my long nose", "the bags under my eyes!", etc. are among some of the comments I always hear.

So I thought of throwing in my two cents, shedding light on some of the things that you should consider before your photoshoot, to get the best out of it!

1. First off, if you wanna look good in photos then do your homework! Yes, you need to spend some time preparing for your look. Don't show up not having slept the night before, wearing what you would wear to   the supermarket, hair all bushy or oily and expect to look like Catherine Zeta Jones in your photos!

2. Choose a look that you're comfortable with yet that puts you in your best light. Not every look that we see on another girl would suit us. So make sure that your hair, makeup, accessories and outfits represent who you are.

3. Try to be as colorful as possible. I don't mean that you should look like a parrot on the day of the shoot! But try to bring in more colors into the it bright or subtle pastel colors, they will surely add joy to those photos and certainly to the whole shoot :)

4. Light makeup is beautiful. It will bring out the femininity in you, yet subtle enough not to make you look like you have just come out of a children's painting class where your face was their canvas!
Again, choose those colors that suit you and not those that suit your favorite celebrity.

5. I know we all want to look sexy and sensual, but we don't want to look cheap. Showing off some skin is cool to a certain extent. So don't over do it. And one more thing, stay away from outfits that will highlight your physical flaws. Ladies, you get the picture!

6. Posing! I know many of us will have an issue with posing. Don't stress over it! Spend some time in front of your mirror trying different poses, exploring your best angles, best smile, and look. Yes, it's as simple as that.

7. If you have a certain theme in mind, then ensure that this is very clear to your photographer so they can help you in achieving that final mood and look

8. Last but certainly not least, confidence is the best outfit that you will have on! I previously discussed this in one of my previous posts on being photogenic. You are as perfect as you can be. So stop being too conscious about those flaws, and start showing off that light which comes from's the one thing everyone will see when they look at you :)

Stay inspired!


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  1. I love how simple your tips are, yet how real and effective. definitely all girls should take care of all the points here.


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