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Made With Love: A Portrait of A House Wife

"Oh no, you don't understand, I don't like pictures taken of me. I don't think I even look good in them" - that was Bassant's response when her cousin was trying to hook her up with me for a family photoshoot!
And that was the challenge that she unknowingly tossed my way.

Bassant is an extremely cute young mother of 3 gorgeous girls. A multi-talented, resourceful lady who, I learned later, does not put anything to waste - her mantra is "You never know when it comes in handy!" - and she surely finds a million ways to use what she has stored up.

In addition to being a passionate cook, and someone who has great taste in interior design, she surprised me by this very unique skill of refurbishing old furniture items and giving them a new vintage look! She would fetch all those old pieces online and give them her magical touch to convert them into beautiful, elegant looking pieces of art.
Her vintage dining table, and photo wall were definitely the highlights for me.

I'm still trying to convince her to give special workshops to help other ladies do the same!

And while I admire Bassant for having the same first name and star sign as mine :), I have to say that the more I got to know her, the more I appreciated who she was. She is definitely one of the strongest and most generous women I came across. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile(s) for those she loves, she will also take extreme measures to do what she believes in her heart is right - I certainly don't know many women who had the courage to go ahead and shave their heads, and bear it, for whatever reason. Someone who was determined enough to transform her body from obese to normal in mere 2 years, all while taking care of her home and raising 3 lovely girls. She's one of those few mothers I look up to and hope that I could be anywhere near as good as they are, juggling a million things at the same time!


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