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Talent: Make-up by Asma

I stumbled upon Asma's work on Instagram and have been hooked ever since! Asmaa is a very talented, down to earth, young mother who knows how to bring out the best in a woman's face through makeup!

BH: Let's start off with a little introduction about yourself.
MA: First I would like to thank you for featuring me on your blog. My name is Asma Lootah, an Emirati architect who found passion in makeup artistry, a wife and a mother to a 1 year old adorable boy. So architecture is my profession , Makeup is my passion and part time job! I live in Dubai, and can never imagine living somewhere else!

BH: Tell us more about what started it all for you.
MA: My makeup passion started 3 years ago when I was preparing for my wedding.I started to look into makeup artists pages on Facebook in order to find the perfect makeup artist for my wedding, and since then I fell in love with how makeup can transform someone, emphasize their beautiful features and hide their imperfections!
Studying architecture has given me an eye for beauty. In my opinion, beauty is a universal thing, if you can design a beautiful functional villa you can create a beautiful eye shadow design that can last for a whole night!

Architecture and makeup have a lot in common by the way, they both deal with colors, proportions, beauty and function!

Anyway, I decided to take a makeup course 2 years ago and I had a hard time finding a good tutor with a reasonable price – that is one of the reasons why I started to teach makeup for beginners- and finally found an amazing teacher. I spent that year practicing on friends and family, gradually building up my makeup kit and watching hundreds of Youtube tutorials in the middle of the night - every night!

I took every opportunity to apply makeup on friends when they have occasions. I practiced on my sisters, mother, cousins  even our house maid! Just about anyone who would allow me !
And after being confident enough, I created my Facebook page Makeup by Asma and started to work on real clients!! 

BH: So what's your personal inspiration and what can you offer to your clients?
MA: I find inspiration in fellow makeup artists work. I enjoy looking at makeup photos on Instagram and Facebook. I can be doing this all day!
Currently I provide makeup service for brides as well as TV and party makeup. In addition, I conduct makeup workshops for beginners, which is one-on-one classes where I give them personal advice on their specific concerns regarding makeup and teach them how to master daily and party makeup by knowing their skin type and how to take care of it,  how to choose their perfect foundation, how to hide their imperfections, to contour and highlight and how to apply eye shadow and use makeup brushes like a pro.

And in the final class I give them advice on their personal makeup they own where I throw away products that I think they shouldn't use, it’s so much fun !!

I am thinking of starting something like a “personal makeup shopper” where I go shopping with the client assisting them in choosing the products that suit them best. In fact, I came out with this idea after I found out that most women don’t know how to shop for makeup wisely, they tend to buy products that are not designed for their skin type or color, or they go for low quality products when they can spend the same amount of money on much better quality products.

My ultimate goal is doing something like what you see in “makeover TV shows” where I get to style the lady from head to toe..but off camera of course..everybody wishes to have a makeover, but without the publicity!

BH: If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who wants to start doing what they love, what would it be?
MA: Follow your heart..go after your passion and don’t listen to people who put you down and tell you that you can’t do it. Be patient. It is not easy..but it’s worth it.

Check out Asma's official page on FB for more of her work and info on her make-up course!


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  1. Thank you Bassi :) u made my day :))))))

  2. Asma nice look ... and nice shot :-)


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