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Friday Thought: Grateful

Nothing fills us with peace and content more than being grateful. And what's better than starting our day with counting our blessings :)

Today I'm grateful....

For the sky that I lay under
For having a roof above my head
For being able to witness beautiful days
For being safe and sound
From having been saved countless times when I was doomed
For the soothing music that feeds my soul
For having compassion
For being lucky to be surrounded by a few loving, creative and outstanding individuals who light up my life
For the friendships that last through the years regardless of distance and time
For pianos and guitars - melodies that touch my heart
For being able to enjoy hearty meals that satisfy my being before my hunger
For all the hard times that made me change to be a better, stronger, wiser and a more forgiving person
For being able to see my flaws and trying to work on them
For the knowledge I receive and the knowledge I share
For having the chance to share people's most memorable moments
For the sea breeze and the sound of waves
For always trying to see beauty in everything and everyone
For all the laughter and joyful moments with friends and family
For all the opportunities that Allah is blessing me with
For all the love that I receive everyday

الحمد لله

What are you grateful for today?

Photo credits go to my lovely Sarah Mohy. Thank you, love :)


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