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Yasmine: The Girl From Sudan

We met for breakfast last week with the rest of the girls, marveling over food, men, money and fashion! Before that I have only met Yasmine twice, and her cute, delicate features caught my photographer's eye. Later, I realized that most of her pics were taken by her mobile and I thought to myself "what a waste" - then I turned to her and said, we need to give you a photoshoot, girl, we need to bring out the best in you!
She agreed and showed up on the day all ready with her outfits, hats and lovely smile :)

To our surprise, the park was kind of empty for a Saturday afternoon - we had no complaints! A few minutes into our shoot, we see this group flocking  in through the gate, all with camera gear, lights, and models!! Turns out to be a group of amateur photographers that meet up for their practice on Saturdays, and we even had one of them come in asking if she could take a few shots of my model :))
Gotta say that this twist has added even more fun - and attention!- to our shoot.

Yasmine comes from a Sudanese Egyptian mix, but in a place like Dubai she is easily mistaken for an Eastern European or even a British. Her friendly and innocent looks make her quite approachable, yet one would realize how strong and determined this young woman is once they get to know her more closely.

I consider myself quite lucky to be able to get close enough to people through my photography, to show a side of them that many might not see.

Location: Zabeel Park, Dubai

Stay inspired!


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  1. very nice and feminine a lovely mix sudanese and egyptian

  2. Thanks Bassi for the great time and the AMAZING pictures. Loved them all <3

  3. You were great company and fun to work with, Yasmine :)
    Really glad you liked the photos!!

  4. Grace personified! Chiselled into features this delicate but lethal combination of panache and beauty has a heart which surpasses what delights our eyes. Im honoured to hv met her heart as well as her beautiful self

  5. Its a great and amazing pictures

  6. Hey, I like your photos. Thanks for sharing. you are great. Best of luck.
    Africa Current Events


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