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Joe: A Toddler In the Spotlight

Dina and I have been talking about setting up a photoshoot for her baby boy, Joe, for the past 1 month! Yesterday, however, was the day when everyone was able to make it.  We decided to have an indoor shoot as the weather wouldn't permit for a pleasant outdoor shoot. And my brother's place was the spot we all agreed upon - and he and his lovely wife had to comply!

Of course, Joe's parents were all so ready with different outfits and hats for the photoshoot - which included an epic tarboush!

I decided that I will try to take as many candid photos as possible, including ones where he was in tears, and make the best use of the dark couches and chairs that dominated the house and yet contrasted so well with all Joe's outfits.

The poor boy was blinded by the flash but by the end of the shoot I thought he already got used to be in the spot light - we should start thinking about preparing him for some serious baby modeling!

All in all the shoot was real fun and everyone helped out to get Joe's attention, feed, and sooth him when he needed it - and occasionally play some of his favorite tunes (some of which were driving us, adults, crazy)! But it proved to be one of the most effective ways to control a child!

Special thanks to Rami (my brother) and Hany (Joe's dad) for helping out in setting up the, rather complicated (to me), lighting equipment.

Stay inspired!


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  1. He is so cute but seems you gave him hard time lovethe session good job

  2. Thank you Bothayna!! :)
    Yes, we have to admit that we gave him a hard time...yet he was such a champ!

  3. MashAllah.. So adorable.. Amazing shots ya bassi.. :DDD


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