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Friday Thought: Improving Your Visual Vocabulary

I remember back in 2005 when I started taking photography seriously, it was all because of one photo that I came across online, of a boy standing at the pyramids, wind blowing his hair and his blood-red sweater stood out so much, the image was so captivating. I remember I kept staring at it for a while wondering what made it look so good!
Tracing the origin of this picture took me to - which later became my primary source of inspiration in photography. It gave me a wealth of great images to look at, ponder upon and learn from.

As I view my work over the past years, I realize how much looking at good pictures has affected the way I see things. We improve our "visual vocabulary" as we expose ourselves to different works of other photographers. What it does is enrich our store of references.
I can't help but relate this to reading. The more good books we read, the more vocabulary we gain, the better we get at expressing ourselves using richer words and more advanced expressions.

This, I deduce, coupled with our very own unique way of seeing things and people, defines our style and how it differs from everybody else around.

Stay inspired!


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  1. i second you for that can't agree more but i will add the having the talent top it all and you dear have the talent great work hun xoxo

  2. Thank you my dear for the encouragement! You're absolutely right, it all has to be backed up by talent. Love your comments, keep them coming :)


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