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Friday Thought: Being Photogenic

Why are some people more photogenic than others?

Funny how we come across many people who are naturally beautiful yet they don't see their real beauty and can be extremely insecure about their physical appearance. Some of them even find it difficult to smile infront of the cam, it drives me crazy!

I have had the chance to shoot a number of people whom we'd normally label as "photogenic". They might not necessarily be pretty or handsome, but they ooze with confidence and they're so at ease infront of the camera. They're totally at peace with how they look, comfortable in their own skin and this can only reflect in their photos. This is exactly what makes the photo come out right.

Sit back. Breathe. Relax. Smile :)

Stay inspired :)


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  1. I just can't agree more with you Bassi, I have always had the same thoughts regarding this topic. I'm glad you believe in the same philosophy, so keep it up and keep inspiring us and shooting the gorgeous photos you always take.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Chuss :)
    Please keep those great comments coming!!


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