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Wedding: Shereen & Tamer

The most laid back bride and groom I have ever met! Being huge beach lovers, they decided to have their wedding by one of the beautiful beaches in the North Coast, Egypt - Marassi beach.

  When I arrived there a few hours before the scheduled hair and make up sessions, I met Shereen, the stunning bride with an eyebrow pierce who was in her bikini wrapped up in a towel, and who has especially interrupted her own tanning session just to come and greet me.

Later, I realized that everyone was trying to pull her out of the water to get ready for the wedding when she thought it was still early to start!

With her big brown eyes, well sculpted face, high cheek bones and full lips - Shereen looked like a French model; needless to say she was one of those people who hardly needed to apply any makeup to enhance her looks. But what I never expected was that she was actually doing her own makeup and hair on her big day!

Oh yes, and this was confined to an Audrey Hepburn eyeliner style, bright pink lipstick that went well with her tanned face, and hair all tied into a simple modern bun. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Tamer, the groom, did not lack in the glamour department either. A gymnast, something I learned later, he had a warm smile, and his best feature yet were his deep set eyes, with a noticeable sparkle which was obviously his love for Shereen - oh yeah, you could instantly tell by the way he looked at her!

The setup was one of the major highlights of the party - with colors like turquoise, coral green, blue and white dominating the scene, making the guests feel like they have stepped into a tropical island.

Their popularity was huge, from the number of friends who attended the wedding and I mean people whom they knew personally and were not just distant relatives who were invited as a formality.

The ambiance was more of a beach party dominated by a lovely young crowd, the latest groovy English and Arabic pop and dance tunes, whose stars were the bride and the groom who seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Location: Al Alamain Hotel, Marassi (North Coast, Egypt)

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  1. MashAllah.. Cool couple.. i love the "do ur own makeup" bit..

  2. Very cool couple I have to say!! :)
    Thanks for the comment, Noorhan...keep them coming!


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