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How to make the best of your wedding day photography

Being lucky enough to attend so many weddings and to photoshoot some gorgeous brides and grooms, I have come to discover so many of the pitfalls that brides specifically fall into on the day that may affect their overall mood and ultimately their wedding photos!
So I decided to share a few tips that I have culminated along the way :)

Here goes...

1. Book your photographer well in advance.
Make sure that you do your homework and research the pool of photographers that you have in your city to decide which one of them suits your style. Give it enough time as the good ones will be booked early on, so make sure you're not keeping it till the last minute.

2. Tell your photographer exactly what you expect/need.
Once you have made up your mind about who you want to cover your wedding photography, take the time to meet with them to know more about what they can offer you. But more importantly, talk to them about what you are expecting or what you need on the day. One of the brides told me specifically that she's in love with black and white photos and hence I made sure that I gave her what she wanted. Be specific and clear so you can get the best out of your photographer. If there are certain spots that you prefer to have your pre-wedding shots at, tell them in advance. It won't hurt if you actually send your photographer a sample of a picture that you liked and would like to have something similar (as long as it falls within the photographer's style).

Remember that photographers have different styles that they stick to, so if you have chosen one who is famous for their natural and romantic shots, don't try to ask them to take trendy and wacky shots that might be another photographer's specialty. Since you have previously looked into their portfolio and knew what they can offer, avoid asking for something different.

3. Don't have a multitude of family and friends in your room while you're preparing for your wedding.
While it's wonderful to be surrounded by your loved ones on this special day, having so many people with you whilst you're finalizing your look can be a real hassle. Everyone will want to contribute by telling you what looks good and what doesn't. This can be particularly unnerving to your hair stylist and makeup artist. Since you decided to pick up professionals to help you look at your best on your wedding, allow them to do their job without having others intervene with the best of intentions.

Not to mention that the more the people in the room, the more difficult it will be for the photographer to move around and get shots at the angles that they see fit.
Having a calmer space will help you relax and avoid tension. So try to have one or two people with your apart from your stylists and photographer.

4. Please consider the light that is in your preparation room.
Talking about rooms and preparation, one of the most essential factors that will greatly contribute to good pictures is the available light. If you have the chance to check how much light the room has coming in from a window or the lights installed in the room, please don't spare it. It'll make a huge difference in the results.

5. Allow ample time for your pre-wedding photos.
Once you're done with your hair and make-up and the groom is ready in his tuxedo, its time to shoot some love!

I understand that many of the brides that see photos in a photographer's portfolio will fall in love with certain pictures and will expect something similar on their day. And while the photographer will do everything they can to bring out the best in the bride and the groom during the pre-wedding shoot, it is necessary you ensure that you're giving this shoot enough time to get the stunning results you have seen in other weddings.
No one will argue that natural light is the best! Hence, it is of utmost importance that you plan the day in such a way that you are both ready before sundown. This way you will give the photographer the chance to do their magic!
If yours is an evening wedding, do allow enough time for a few shots in different spots of the hotel, before you get into the wedding reception.

Remember, by helping your photographer with time, you ensure that you get what you hired them for.

6. Stay calm. Stay hydrated. Smile!
No matter how much planning you do, there is always a chance that something or the other will go wrong. Let it be (as long as the bride or the groom are not running away!)
Things will fall into place as they should. So don't sweat the small stuff, and definitely not on your big day. Take it easy and enjoy whatever comes your way. Stay chilled and enjoy every moment with your loved ones on this very special day. It will all show on your face and so will it show in your photos. So stay happy :)

Your wedding photos are what remains of this once in a lifetime event. They are what you will look at year after year and smile, recalling all those beautiful moments. So invest well in your wedding photography to ensure that all the love, happy moments and memories are captured in the best way possible.

Last but not least...stay inspired!


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