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MYP: A Family Portrait

So I get this message from Maria saying she's looking for a photographer to take some nice family shots. She just had a baby who just turning 3 months!

We decide to meet somewhere in downtown closer to her house. I'm there on time, then I see this lovely lady walking hurriedly towards me, her face beaming with a beautiful smile and introduces herself as Maria! She quickly invites me to her house which is 5 minutes away from where we agreed to meet. I'm then introduced to her husband, Pascal, her in-laws and little Yann who was peacefully sleeping at the time.

Maria and Pascal are quite a charming couple who are fond of traveling and I could also tell that they're great with people. We chatted about photography, travel and everything in between. I even got a few tips about spending a great time in Sri Lanka through Pascal who was very keen on recounting their adventures in the beautiful Sri Lankan islands and jungles.

Their little garden was a perfect shooting location with so many interesting corners, a cozy feel to it and most importantly it served as a beautiful memory keeper.

On the day of the shoot I met Yann, the coolest and friendliest baby I have come across. He was in for a treat, for his parents have prepared those fantastic outfits for his special shoot the first of which was a bad-ass look with all the bling bling around his neck and his hands! Watch out for that bandana!

There was so much laughing, joking around, trying to keep Yann awake and in a good mood, the outfits were unbelievably cute and the young parents were as jolly as anything.

I was enjoying every minute of the shoot, doing my best to capture all the love and warmth on my camera.

Will leave you to the shots...stay inspired :)


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